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Our Organisation
Being one of the main goals of international cooperation policy the promotion of sustainable development, which contributes to eradicate poverty and to progressive integration of developing countries into worldwide economy, the Co-operation for Equatorial Amazonia integrates to this proposal pursuing encouragement of democracy, promoting respect of human rights as well as fundamental liberties and supporting environmental protection and preservation of nature.

Within these strategies we are encouraged to reduce growing poverty indexes, promote consolidation of peace and prevention of conflicts, while taking care of social and environmental aspects, which will help to attain sustainable development. We are also promoting equality between women and men.

Scientific, technical and material contribution of public and private stakeholders will support us to achieve these goals.

Our cooperation system is based on three principal aspects:

Development : With non-reimbursable financial and technical contribution of developed countries that promote fair distribution of richness. This contribution is translated in technical assessment, donations, humanitarian aid and cooperation through NGOs, foundations and companies.

Economy : With reimbursable contribution to promote regional production, in order to ensure competitiveness of small producers in international markets, while promoting technology transfer.

Humanitarian aid : With support, aid and assistance to displaced populations, victims of natural catastrophes and communities of the Amazonian region.

The Co-operation for Equatorial Amazonia is a Switzerland non profit organisation, legaly registred at the Geneva's General International Coordination of NGO's. We center our action on building international solidarity, help the minority's for joint a reel development, and the promotion for the respect all the human rights. CEA is thus investing in sustainable development projects as well, responding to help the most poverty populations in the amazonian region's (Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Per˙, Bolivia and Venezuela), and looking for encourage the promotion of the amazonian products to the internationals markets, in particular Switzerland and the European Union.